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Specialised in the Technical, Internet, Military and Medical Sectors

I offer French<>English translation, localisation and revision services for the technical, internet, military and medical sectors. I am also a specialist in website localisation and international SEO. In particular, I am passionate about helping companies expand internationally online and enter new markets.

For over 25 years I have been supplying high quality language services to clients as diverse as Sony, Mercedes Benz, Bosch and Nokia. I have translated and proofread IT books, user manuals, articles, white papers, theses and marketing materials. I have localised software applications ranging from Windows and Mac to Linux, UNIX and Mainframe and localised numerous websites for companies, individuals and institutions.

My aim has always been to offer quality, flexibility and reliability of services whilst at the same time applying intelligent IT solutions to reduce costs and turnaround times. I was an early adopter of computer assisted translation (CAT) tools and translation memory (TM) database technology and have developed a secure web-based project management and work environment where all aspects of the ordering, invoicing and workflow process can be accessed and managed.

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International SEO

SEO and PPC Translation

Today, for your company to be successful online, it is essential that your website is placed as high on the first page of Google search results as possible. To do this, you can use search engine optimisation (SEO) and/or Google Adwords using pay-per-click (PPC).

To help you, I offer a range of French language services including: keywords translation, web content optimisation, translation of your PPC campaigns with keyword search, and the transcreation of PPC ads. I also provide the creation of web content directly in French for your blog or website.


Website Localisation

Reach New Markets

If you have a product or service that can be delivered internationally, either digitally or physically, I can help you develop your business by localising your website into French. Globally, there are over 284 million French speakers in the world and it is currently the official language of 29 countries. I am a website localisation specialist (certified by the Localization Institute) and can localise your website to make it linguistically, culturally and legally appropriate for French markets. If required, I can also setup email and contact form translation so that you can successfully convert your new website visitors.

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Privacy and Security

I take my clients, my colleagues, and my own data security extremely seriously. All files are systematically checked for viruses on entry and exit from my computer systems – my anti virus software is updated daily, my fire walls continuously monitored. All data is backed up regularly throughout the day not only on-site onto secure, password protected media, but also off-site as well. All my hardware is constantly monitored and protected by UPS devices and I have also established an emergency disaster recovery plan to be implemented automatically if required.

Confidentiality is of course a prerequisite when dealing with a translator and, again, I take the same uncompromising attitude to this as I do to data security. I can use secure, encrypted, email if required and access to my project management and client account systems is though 128 bit secure socket layer transmission. Before undertaking any work I am happy to sign a binding non-disclosure confidentiality agreement and like any serious supplier of professional services I have full, up to date, professional liability insurance.

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